Ways To Stay In Shape & Have Fun With It

Staying in shape is a great way to stay healthy. However, for some people working out has just become a routine for them. When this happens, procrastination sets in and you lose your motivation and commitment to staying in shape. When you do not feel motivated anymore, working out no longer becomes fun. The good news is that there is something you can do to make staying in shape a fun activity.

Make Play Your Workout

The key to making staying in shape fun is to rediscover the joy of movement. If you have kids, play kid’s games with them such as tag, hopscotch, or capture the flag. But you do not need kids to play. You can shoot top notch portable basketball hoops, go swimming, play tennis, and other sports.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

If you are not into sports, you can consider donning on your dancing shoes. Whether it’s ballroom, country and western, salsa, square dancing, and others, dancing is a fun way to stay in shape. You do not need a partner as there are other dances that can be done alone such as belly dancing or tap dancing. Even if you are great in ground basketball hoops, you can still try dancing for a change.

Go Treasure Hunting

With the whole family or a group of friends, you can try out geocaching, a new adventure game that uses a handheld global positioning system to find hidden cache of trinkets and a logbook. Getting to a cache is just half the fun. This activity may involve a leisurely walk or rock climbing. You will need a GPS device to obtain information such as cache locations in and around your ZIP code. However, there is a certain etiquette you need to observe and it is posted on geocaching websites.

Train For An Active Vacation

Whether it’s skiing, biking, or fulfilling your dream at a fantasy sports camp can be another way to stay in shape. However, training for such activities is a must unless you want to ruin your vacation with a pulled ligament or other injuries. Make sure to train before your trip.

Spice Up A Dull Routine

Are you getting bored already from your usual routine? You can devise a new way to make your exercise regimen fun again. If you are already bored with the treadmill or elliptical trainer, add some multimedia to the activity. Instead of your usual walking around the track, trying walking in the park for a change.

Try Something New

If your usual activity is no longer fun for you, it is high time to try something new like horseback riding or inline skating. Take part in a community trash pickup or build a house for Habitat for Humanity.

Sign Up For A Civilian Boot Camp

Boot camps run for a month with meetings held three nights a week. You will be involved in various activities such as passing a medicine ball or doing partner sit-ups. The important thing about the camp is the camaraderie that will be built between the participants.

Staying in shape need not be confined to lifting weights or doing crunches. You can be creative in order to make the activity fun and motivating again.

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Is Great Skin A Sign Of Great Health?

I often myself amazed at how well-built our body is. If our body detects something weird is going on, it has its own unique way of telling us that something is amiss. Take sweating for example. Sweating is a normal mechanism that allows our body to cool down, but if you suddenly break out into a sweat even though it’s not hot, it may mean that our body is signaling us about abnormal metabolism, cancer or even an impending heart attack.

Since our skin is the biggest organ in the body, our body often uses it to express some underlying health conditions that we might not know of. So if you happen to have healthy silky smooth skin, is it a sign that you have great health and vice versa?

The simple short answer to that question is yes but before we go into a more complicated explanation, let me first tell you what a healthy skin is.

I know that most of you have your own idea of a healthy skin. It may be a creamy looking skin with pink flush with no freckles or whatsoever but a healthy skin is mostly defined to have even color, is firm and smooth and is hydrated.

So does that mean that if you have freckles, moles and dark spots in your skin you’re not healthy? How about having flaky and dry skin?

Well, not really.

Some people are born with moles and freckles dotting their bodies while some have dark spots caused by various environmental factors such as staying under the sun for too long. Freckles and dark spots are mostly harmless but if you’re bothered by them, you can visit http://www.yourbestskinadvisor.com/how-to-get-rid-of-dark-spots for tips on how to get rid of dark spots on your skin. Moles, on the other hand, can signal the presence of skin cancer, namely melanoma. If you have irregular asymmetrically shaped moles on your body then have your doctor check them.

Like with moles and dark spots, a flaky dry skin is not an immediate indication that you are unhealthy. It may mean that the weather is too cold and that you forgot to apply your moisturizer. On the other hand, if you’re favorite moisturizer is not doing its magic, this may mean that you have a chronic inflammatory condition like eczema or it’s a side effect of other diseases like hay fever. It can also mean that you should try drinking more water and keep yourself hydrated.  

So the bottom line is, a healthy skin is a great indication of the overall good health of your body. If your skin is well hydrated, smooth and firm with a healthy glow, it’s most likely that you have a healthy and fit body and that your organs are working properly.  But you should always remember to consider various factors before freaking out if you find some weird bumps on your skin. It may just be that you got in contact with an itchy powder and those bumps will fade away soon.

Just remember to always keep your whole body healthy, not just your skin and calmly analyze the signs that your body is telling you before doing anything rash.

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The Role Supplements Play in Human Performance

As par observation in research, there seem to be two purposes of medical supplements: one is for diet and nutrition while the other is for athletic performance and enhancement. The distinction is necessary to be able to competently assess the supplements’ effects on your body depending on the health goals that you want to achieve. The opening statement of the 2014 Summit on Human Performance and Dietary Supplements sums it all: “The use of dietary supplements to enhance human performance among athletes, the military, and other tactical populations is an increasingly popular topic that often is not well understood.” (Arensberg et al., 2014) In the past years, sports-enhancing drugs have gotten a negative reputation in the competitive domain, particularly at the Sochi Olympics and specific cases of athletes. Like all things, drugs can cause over-performance and can be toxic in excessive quantities. Supplements in moderation improve your body’s stamina and endurance.

Research has given us supplements focusing on weight loss and performance, for both men and women (as the basis for comparison). Fairman and Kendall’s article introduced their Top 7 Endurance Performance Supplements. These supplements could just be the top rated test boosters in 2017, but all of them seem to have been tested by both athletes and non-athletes alike. Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation emerged as the most recommended. It has effects on muscle strength and thus increases endurance in a high-power workout. Other supplements are protein and caffeine and sodium phosphate that could be a substitute for Iron.  (Fairman & Kendall, 2017). The top two rated supplements, Instant Knockout and Transparent Labs Fat Burner (for both men and women) were considered to be the best fat burners of 2017. They have natural extracts such as green tea and cayenne paper and can be used by those who want to lose weight and those who want to increase workout performances. (Top 10 Supplements, 2017)

And at a certain degree, the term supplements is often misinterpreted.  The common use of supplements is for dietary and lifestyle maintenance. Included in that selective mineral ingestion are the “sports-enhancing” vitamins. These supplements have ingredients that are responsible for activating faster metabolism or tissue function in the body. These components are attributed to performance-boosting—often containing steroids. For the most part, supplements should be part of a person’s lifestyle. Common ones that are recommended are food supplements that contain plenty of herbs and those of Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C. (Rodriguez, 2010) We cannot discuss the pros of medical supplements without juxtaposing it with the cons. As of the 2000s, health buffs have been on the rise. There have been those who prefer vegan and organic lifestyles while some retreat to a high burning calorie diets to feel great and occasionally combat diseases. The current trend of athleticism has pushed people to go the extra mile when it comes to losing weight and looking good. For the former, there comes the danger of having to go to the extreme of weight loss, and this is because not all people are meant to be athletes. It is recommended that not only do we need to be aware of our dietary, health and lifestyle habits but it ought to be compulsory that individual Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) are taken to measure the necessary consumption that our body needs. (Arensberg et al., 2014) The system further recommends profiling people based on their specifics (height, weight, sex, daily physical workout, etc.) to build a summary of one’s daily intake.

While this could be extremely helpful, computing for your daily nutritional needs could take time. However, not a lot of people have that time. The best practical solution could be knowing more of yourself, more of what you eat and how you exercise and see it to the supplement that is the most compatible for you.

How Much Activity Does One Need Every Day To Be Healthy?

socialize to improve mental health

Whenever we are asked, “How much activity does one need every day to be healthy?” we instantly think structured physical exercises at home following a Zumba video or running on your own treadmill, or at the gym complete with its workout facilities and amenities.

What many of us don’t realize is to be healthy is a lot more than being physically fit. How about we approach the maintenance of your health through daily activities in a holistic manner? Maintaining our health is beyond doing activities to maintain physical health; it’s also a matter of maintaining your mental and psychological health and keeping your emotional health in check.

physical activities to keep your body healthy

Activities to Maintain Physical Health

Start at home. You don’t need a gym membership to exercise and stay physically fit. There are physical activities to maintain physical health that you can do right at home. Start the moment you wake up. Do stretching to rouse the muscles and bones. You can follow it with at least 50 counts of squats.

Is your lower belly a bit bothersome that you cannot get in those denim? Do planking for two minutes. Are those arms a bit puffed up too? Work those five-pound blue or red or pink dumbbells – take your pick – which you have been keeping to accumulate dust and cobweb. Exercise, walk, do cardio, or play a sport to strengthen your heart and burn calories. It does not have to be too much exercise. Too much of anything is bad, right?

Eat fiber-enriched food, lots of fruits and vegetables. Cut down on sugar and caffeine intake and increase the water and protein intake. Know your limits. What food are you allergic to or perhaps which ones does your bodily system just do not take well? Avoid eating them.

Be responsible and do household chores. Do the laundry and dishes. Get some sunlight and do gardening. Ditch the carwash services and wash that set of wheels by yourself.

Take care of your eyesight and if you are having problems seeing things and/or experiencing eye strain headaches then look into getting glasses or even possibly ICL eye surgery.

Is your office located on the sixth floor of the 40-storey corporate building? Take the stairs instead. It takes too long to wait for the elevators anyway.

Maintaining Your Mental and Psychological Health

Find time to read. Read the paper and good books and magazines. You can make it an objective to finish three chapters in your current read per day. Read even the flyers and brochures which you are handed at the malls or on the streets. Read the posters plastered on your office walls. This is a great way to feed your mind. You will surely find something new to learn from everything that you read. None of them goes to waste.

  • Be aware of your environment. Observe people.
  • Follow the road signs.
  • Attend crash courses and hobby classes within your interest.
  • Do not forget that sleeping is an activity too, a crucial one at that. At least try to get six hours of sleep at night. Your body and your mind need and deserve that break.
  • Keeping Your Emotional Health In Check
  • Be kind and compassionate to others. Be kind to yourself too. Forgive, let go and move on from whatever it was that distracted you the other day. Do not give in to stress, tension, and pressure.
  • Agree to invites, from boisterous parties to charities. Meet new people and make new friends. Strengthen your network and support system but know how to be independent enough.

socialize to improve mental healthAll these counts as daily activities, right?

So, how much activity does one need every day to be healthy?

A lot. And they do not have to be tedious but instead enjoyable without your overly thinking about doing all these activities because you need to for the sake of being and staying healthy. Take notice of the time but do not count every hour.

Stay active and keep doing the needed activities to maintain physical health, eat a healthy meal, do mental activities that help you in maintaining your mental and psychological health, and focus on keeping your emotional health in check. Try a holistic view on your health, think every aspect of your well-being, and the results will surely exceed your expectations.

Injury Prevention in 2017

Every day more and more people are engaging in sports! The list is growing every day from fitness sports to other serious competitive games. In any sport though, one thing is clear; they are all prone to one form of injury or another.

As you may know, many athletes have endured lots of pain and injuries ever since. We do have a problem at hand about an injury in sports. When there is a problem, there is a solution for those that are properly informed. For each sport, there is injury prevention method.

Let us go into some specifics here, have you heard of knee wraps? Well if you haven’t you should grab yourself a pair if you plan on doing any sort of leg movements and we recommend grabbing a pair of knee wraps from Essential Fitness as they were voted the best bodybuilding knee wraps in 2017. While you’re at it we also recommend grabbing a pair of their wrist wraps as well as Essential Fitness has been voted the best wrist wraps of 2017.

The need to prevent injuries cannot be overemphasized. Injuries in sports happen every day. The competitive sports are not left behind; issues also arise in workouts. There is, therefore, the urgent need to look into preventive measures before everybody gets maimed participating in any sport.

Most workouts end up in unpleasant stories. The primary reason boils down to the fact that most people just hit the gym without a clear cut regime. They do not know the level to which they can stretch themselves. In the light of that ignorance, they go beyond their limits, sometimes without proper guidance and the right equipment.

In some cases, people do an exercise that is too much for their heart to bear, which could cause heart problems. It’s important to be able to monitor your heart and know the limit you can go without bringing unpleasant experiences to you. There are cases of people with issues bothering on obesity and in their desperation to shed off the excess fat by hitting the gym and making attempts to get rid of it easily. Get this clear; the excess calories are accumulated over time. It cannot go with just two or three workout sessions. It is a gradual process that will take time for it to be taken care of.

You must know the limits that your muscle can bear in any exercise regime so as to avoid fatal injuries. With many of the new fitness accessories out on the market today you will be able to monitor everything that happens. You will get the warning when your system is in the red zone, and you can, therefore, adjust accordingly. This device is designed for a fun and results oriented workout to prevent any injuries.

Injuries in sports could be managed if adequate preventive measures were taken. Imagine if more athletes take into consideration using the latest in technology in their daily training, they will be injured less so that they can play more.

Do Sugary Foods Make You Fat?

weight gain as a result of too much sugar intake

Sugar is an essential component in and for our bodily system. That is a fact. It is a greatly important source of energy for our bodies. Not one of us can survive without sugar being broken down and burnt into energies necessary for our bodies to function right.

But like they say, too much of anything is bad. And then there is the rub. Do sugary foods make you fat? How does sugar make you gain weight, and what are the other health effects of too much sugar? Read on to find out.

how sugar drastically increase weight gain

How Does Sugar Make You Gain Weight?

Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t shed off those last few pounds? It may be because of the effects of excessive amount of sugar intake on fat and calories burning.

Basically, eating too many sugary foods, and very frequently at that, is when and where your dilemma about weight gain and fat production and storage commences. When you do this, you do damages to your body. What happens is that when there is disproportionate and unwarranted amount of sugar in your system, the capacities of your liver to gather and store fructose is exceeded.

In turn, once sugar in your liver goes through the ceiling, the mechanical and natural tendencies of the liver are to convert the excess amount into fat acids which then goes back into your bloodstream that is now responsible for distributing and scattering these fatty acids to different areas of your body where they are stored.

And yes, your belly and your upper arms tend to be the first and most prone body parts to instantly expand and get fatter. You noticed that, right? They too are the regions whose stored fats are most difficult to sweat out and eliminate.

Excessive Amount of Insulin Secretion

Insulin is the hormone in your body that is responsible for transporting sugar to your muscles after it has been broken down during the fat burning process of your body. The muscles, just like in the case of the liver, can only take so much sugar to store. So, then again, the excess amount is converted into fatty acids and go right into your tummy and arms, among other body parts.

More Effects of Excessive Amount of Sugar Intake

weight gain as a result of too much sugar intakeUnfortunately, the effects of excessive amount of sugar intake extend beyond developing wider waistline and bigger arms and thighs. It is about your health in general. These parts of your body where excess sugar are transferred into also have their limits and that is when fatty acids begin to brim over and extend to your other organs such as the liver, the heart, and the kidneys.

As these organs catch extra sugar, their abilities to function is greatly affected. That explains the logical correlation between too much glucose intake and high blood pressure, in addition to a decline in metabolism processes and immune system resistance.

So, do sugary foods make you fat? Does sugar make you gain weight? The answer is, yes. They greatly contribute to weight gain and making you bigger.

And very unhealthy too.

Eating a right balance of fruit, vegetables, sources of carbohydrates, and lean meat often takes the backseat when we are stressed out and want to make ourselves feel good. But the truth is it doesn’t matter how many fitness exercises you do in a day; you won’t effectively lose fat if you don’t avoid eating a lazy person’s food diet.

Now that you know, you may want to limit your consumption of soda drinks and processed chips combo for your rather habitual midnight sweets snack. Eat a healthy and balanced diet of saturated and unsaturated fat, carbs, protein, and other essential nutrients to stay and feel fit. Limit your intake of foods and drinks high in fat, and exercise daily for an effective weight loss routine.


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Medical Services is organized into four practice groups to provide high quality, accessible, well-coordinated care:  Amsterdam, Broadway, Morningside and Riverside groups (all are located within the same facility).  Each practice group is compromised of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and support staff.  This model of care helps simplify and streamline routine administrative needs and processes, including obtaining a referral, ordering lab tests or prescription refills.  That’s why appointments made with your designated practice group are strongly encouraged.

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