How Much Activity Does One Need Every Day To Be Healthy?

socialize to improve mental health

Whenever we are asked, “How much activity does one need every day to be healthy?” we instantly think structured physical exercises at home following a Zumba video or running on your own treadmill, or at the gym complete with its workout facilities and amenities.

What many of us don’t realize is to be healthy is a lot more than being physically fit. How about we approach the maintenance of your health through daily activities in a holistic manner? Maintaining our health is beyond doing activities to maintain physical health; it’s also a matter of maintaining your mental and psychological health and keeping your emotional health in check.

physical activities to keep your body healthy

Activities to Maintain Physical Health

Start at home. You don’t need a gym membership to exercise and stay physically fit. There are physical activities to maintain physical health that you can do right at home. Start the moment you wake up. Do stretching to rouse the muscles and bones. You can follow it with at least 50 counts of squats.

Is your lower belly a bit bothersome that you cannot get in those denim? Do planking for two minutes. Are those arms a bit puffed up too? Work those five-pound blue or red or pink dumbbells – take your pick – which you have been keeping to accumulate dust and cobweb. Exercise, walk, do cardio, or play a sport to strengthen your heart and burn calories. It does not have to be too much exercise. Too much of anything is bad, right?

Eat fiber-enriched food, lots of fruits and vegetables. Cut down on sugar and caffeine intake and increase the water and protein intake. Know your limits. What food are you allergic to or perhaps which ones does your bodily system just do not take well? Avoid eating them.

Be responsible and do household chores. Do the laundry and dishes. Get some sunlight and do gardening. Ditch the carwash services and wash that set of wheels by yourself.

Take care of your eyesight and if you are having problems seeing things and/or experiencing eye strain headaches then look into getting glasses or even possibly ICL eye surgery.

Is your office located on the sixth floor of the 40-storey corporate building? Take the stairs instead. It takes too long to wait for the elevators anyway.

Maintaining Your Mental and Psychological Health

Find time to read. Read the paper and good books and magazines. You can make it an objective to finish three chapters in your current read per day. Read even the flyers and brochures which you are handed at the malls or on the streets. Read the posters plastered on your office walls. This is a great way to feed your mind. You will surely find something new to learn from everything that you read. None of them goes to waste.

  • Be aware of your environment. Observe people.
  • Follow the road signs.
  • Attend crash courses and hobby classes within your interest.
  • Do not forget that sleeping is an activity too, a crucial one at that. At least try to get six hours of sleep at night. Your body and your mind need and deserve that break.
  • Keeping Your Emotional Health In Check
  • Be kind and compassionate to others. Be kind to yourself too. Forgive, let go and move on from whatever it was that distracted you the other day. Do not give in to stress, tension, and pressure.
  • Agree to invites, from boisterous parties to charities. Meet new people and make new friends. Strengthen your network and support system but know how to be independent enough.

socialize to improve mental healthAll these counts as daily activities, right?

So, how much activity does one need every day to be healthy?

A lot. And they do not have to be tedious but instead enjoyable without your overly thinking about doing all these activities because you need to for the sake of being and staying healthy. Take notice of the time but do not count every hour.

Stay active and keep doing the needed activities to maintain physical health, eat a healthy meal, do mental activities that help you in maintaining your mental and psychological health, and focus on keeping your emotional health in check. Try a holistic view on your health, think every aspect of your well-being, and the results will surely exceed your expectations.