L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte

Le film sera présenté en clôture du Festival de Cannes 2018

Toby, un jeune réalisateur de pub cynique et désabusé, se retrouve pris au piège des folles illusions d’un vieux cordonnier espagnol convaincu d’être Don Quichotte. Embarqué dans une folle aventure de plus en plus surréaliste, Toby se retrouve confronté aux conséquences tragiques d’un film qu’il a réalisé au temps de sa jeunesse idéaliste: ce film d’étudiant adapté de Cervantès a changé pour toujours les rêves et les espoirs de tout un petit village espagnol. Toby saura-t-il se racheter et retrouver un peu d’humanité? Don Quichotte survivra-t-il à sa folie? Ou l’amour triomphera-t-il de tout?

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Tom Hardiy and marvel this is something new


great have official trailer


Tom Hardy the ߐ


Not the biggest fan of the fact that he has the symbiote in a seemingly Spider-Man free universe. But.....this does look much more promising




Trailer of game Prototype 3 (Radical Entertainment).


Chupaaaaa marvel!!!! Iradooooo


SONY MARVEL PLEASE READ THIS Hmmmmmmmmmn okay maybe what they could do with this movie incase not all the fans like how L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte looks (so far i personally do like it) is make him meet spiderman in a spiderman movie and the symbiote decides to bond with Peter. Because of this the suit transforms to look more like the L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte that has the gigantic spiderman symbol (in case they don't put it in this movie) and the eyes even bigger. Basically it would give Disney/Marvel + Sony a chance to modify L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte's look to make him look like the L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte we all know and love that also has spiderman's powers (even though this slimy alien Macfarlanish spidey looking version looks really great here too imo)


Here Before 10 Million Views








Thanks for showing the entire movie assholes


It looks cool


Who playing Spiderman in L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte vs. Spiderman 2023?


L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte has a movie but spider man is not in it weird


Amazing! Just kinda wished they sticked to the real story behind L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte...


Where is Spidey? and he looks a lot like Alex Mercer Type of powers


Is this even real


If I was Spider-Man I would be scared to fight that L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte.


Embrace your inner ANTI-HERO???\n\nThe chances of this movie sucks just get a lot higher.


Whose voice is at the beginning?))


The scream at the end is Hardy of the table.




Reminds me of the game Prototype


0:33 Mary Janes back! Oh wait...


this is gonna flop, L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte is not an anti hero.


Welp! There He Is!!!


Can’t wait to see this\nIm so hyped, like if you are tooߙߏߒߏߒߏߔߔ


Awesome \nfantastic \ncool \nomg \nMind-blowing


That should have been the first trailer lmao


I hear an avenger theme :V


So Awesome ߘߘ




We. Are. L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte. Bum ba dum bum bum bum bum bum.


coll movie


The trailer is effing lit ߘߘߘ




Now that is pretty badass


I think it looks awesome!! But it still needs to tie into Spiderman somehow. Hopefully the timeline is after infinity war part 2? Would be an interesting twist if Peter used the symbiote to get stronger against thanos.


I've got to admit, Be looks really cool. I still don't expect much from this movie but I will try to watch it.


K puta melda de camello carnal >:v


О! Хорош! Кто Венома озвычивал? Харди крутой актер, но теперь пришла его очередь покривляться в супер(анти)героике( Надеюсь, когда- нибудь он, как Веном даст по человекопаучьей морде леща!


L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte the spider man


So Cool


Film about Tom Hardy with this stupid black things from his body) Like the old one. Relax, schoolboys, you will not be provided, R+ only)\nStupid psychological thriller, obidno.


graficamente lindo mas nao faz a porra do sentido de ter um filme solo do venon sem antes o simbionte ter sido do peter. como vao explicar o designer da aranha no peito?


Ok and Spiderman?


2:24 he raped the guy



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    L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte

    L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte

    L'Homme qui tua Don Quichotte

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