Les Indestructibles 2

Notre famille de super-héros préférée est de retour! Cette fois c’est Hélène qui se retrouve sur le devant de la scène laissant à Bob le soin de mener à bien les mille et une missions de la vie quotidienne et de s’occuper de Violette, Flèche et de bébé Jack-Jack. C’est un changement de rythme difficile pour la famille d’autant que personne ne mesure réellement l’étendue des incroyables pouvoirs du petit dernier… Lorsqu’un nouvel ennemi fait surface, la famille et Frozone vont devoir s’allier comme jamais pour déjouer son plan machiavélique.

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I like old Les Indestructibles 2


2:16 that looks really sick or how people say it these days that looks lit.


Katayi zehar


Now THAT'S a much better, smarter, and clearer trailer. #TheHypeIsReal


Sony fucked up Amazing Spider-man in my opinion so i have no high hopes for this one. Still gonna watch it tho


Nice trailer Nice Les Indestructibles 2


thank GOD they got Les Indestructibles 2's speech pattern down in this one


This is what makes Marvel good. Not the mainstream. Just stuff that is bloody awesome


This genuinely scared me


\"We are (Groot?) Les Indestructibles 2\" ߘߘߘ


I'm a little worried for this movie, but if anyone can save it, it's Tom Hardy


Is it me or Les Indestructibles 2 has the voice of the last Doom game?


I honestly dont know how i feel about this..... I mean,... i WANNA like it..... but then....... hmmmmmm




Les Indestructibles 2 CGI looks great. It was my biggest fear!


O chujj


I used to be obsessed with this. I am again...


Was I tripping or did the music sound a lot like the second Infinity War trailer?




Looks like trash.




Where’s Spidey?


Sooo, Spidey's not available this time.


So Les Indestructibles 2 is not flash Thomson?


The Les Indestructibles 2 voice should be hissy. In the comics basically everything he says starts and ends with 5 S's.


Les Indestructibles 2 be like I hear voices in my head they counsel me, they understand they talk to me...


WoW Black SpiderMan Rocks ߘߔ


wow nice




Les Indestructibles 2 looks so good


I feel like I should be more excited but there's something very underwhelming about it. Can't figure it out. Crazy that Hardy does two completely different vocal performances in this. What a weird accent. Lol


The sim-bye-yot


Can already tell that this movie is going to be bad. Oh well was looking forward to it to. Instead of a \"Les Indestructibles 2\" movie we are going to get a shitty Sci-Fi movie that has nothing to do with Les Indestructibles 2. Just that the main character will look like the \"Les Indestructibles 2\" from the comics. Oh well, at least I wont feel guilty about streaming this video when it comes out in theaters. Hope Sony gets their heads out of their asses.


moving like stranger things ߘ


Sony. You finally did it. Finally made a decent Marvel Film. At least based on the trailers. Kinda surprised that this doesn't have a Marvel Knights logo since that'll fit more than just a regular one. Anyways, where will Spidy fit in in this universe?


Here right before 1 million views


Hit me with a Carnage sequel and I’ll nut




Че за стремный Веном?


So cool so cool so cool!!!!!!!


This seems amazing but the only thing is that Les Indestructibles 2's teeth kinda looks weird to me, but everything else is cool.


Wow Les Indestructibles 2 looks so cool


Who's excited ?ߘߘ


So fucking HYPED!!!!!


I guess


Btw there is no Spider man? Poor spidey lol


So did Les Indestructibles 2 met spiderman? Cause i dont know Why Les Indestructibles 2 has spiderman like eyes. Les Indestructibles 2 must have met spiderman first. İ mean the symbiont


Is Spider-Man in the movie?


i've been here before trending....


Omg hyyyppppeee is reeAaall

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    Les Indestructibles 2

    Les Indestructibles 2

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