Avengers: Infinity War

Les Avengers et leurs alliés devront être prêts à tout sacrifier pour neutraliser le redoutable Thanos avant que son attaque éclair ne conduise à la destruction complète de l’univers.

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#1 Trends in Czech republic :)


Trending #1 in the Netherlands


Like to the extreme


We are Avengers: Infinity War/ Best Line in the trailer


Avengers: Infinity War.


2:23 Half-Life?


really like this guy!


When is the release date for Avengers: Infinity War


theres two types of Avengers: Infinity War, and the luchador who pump Avengers: Infinity War wins this one.


Her şey fragmanda zaten gitmeye gerek var mı?


Seviyorum seni ECE ❤




So who would be the biggest threat to Avengers: Infinity War in this movie jw ??


We are extremely exited


Sony needs to actually stop...


في عرب ؟؟ ߤߤ




I got Poisoned!


CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!




#1 tranding holland


Tom Hardy


subscribe please . nanti saya sub back ߘߘ . thx u


Всем привет!\nКакие фантастические фильмы посоветуете как: БЕГУЩИЙ В ЛАБИРИНТЕ,ДИВЕРГЕНТ,МСТИТЕЛИ ??


Trending #1 in Ireland ߤߏ 1.1 Million likes


Looks so cheap and shitty, but stupid murican kids will love it


So is he good or bad? Cause I’m confused


subscribe please . nanti saya sub back ߘߘ . thx u


какой ахуенный голос у тома харди, не то, что в русской озвучке


subscribe please . nanti saya sub back ߘߘ . thx u 6


Dang! Sony is finally making good movies! I thought they were gonna fail as a company after little yellow bitches came out!


Kinda reminds me of\n STARGÅTE SG1 with the symbiots like the goa-uld and the incredible power and the shining eyes, looks like they copied it somewhat.


and where thafuck is SPIDERMAN to fight against????




Wait so is spiderman not gonna be in this movie?!


Trending #4 in India


Трейлер супер!


On that day gonna listen to Avengers: Infinity War’s Black Metal album ߎ


This looks awesome! Avengers: Infinity War looks perfect and Tom Hardy is the perfect guy for the job! If that reveal at the end doesn't give you goosebumps there is something clinically wrong with you!


Amazing trailer ߘߑ but the creature luks exactly like the alien from the spider man 3 movie.






Finally the iconic TOUNGE!!!!!!


U came for 2:19


2:09 when you but but she still sucking


USK 16??




Ever since I was little I loved Avengers: Infinity War from the first time he showed up in the spider man movie love this


I’m really worried about this movie don’t get me wrong I hope it’s good but it just feels like a typical Hollywood action movie that has a bit of Avengers: Infinity War in it also not the bigges fan of Avengers: Infinity Wars voice



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    Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War

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