Solo: A Star Wars Story

Le film est présenté hors-compétition au Festival de Cannes 2018

Embarquez à bord du Faucon Millenium et partez à l’aventure en compagnie du plus célèbre vaurien de la galaxie. Au cours de périlleuses aventures dans les bas-fonds d’un monde criminel, Han Solo va faire la connaissance de son imposant futur copilote Chewbacca et croiser la route du charmant escroc Lando Calrissian… Ce voyage initiatique révèlera la personnalité d’un des héros les plus marquants de la saga Star Wars.

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This Solo: A Star Wars Story is better from SM3


Spiderman is really scared right now....


I'm surprisingly hype so hard for this movie


I don't want to be that person who nitpicks at every little detail but that woman just said \"Sym-bye-otes\" F*CK YOU!!!!! You literally had one f*cking job idiot!!!! I'm mad, I loved how Solo: A Star Wars Story showed up though but still, that was really terrible, the Symbiotes are like the coolest things ever!!!!


I don’t know what to think...


Solo: A Star Wars Story have a movie now. How about hawkeye?


It will connect to amazing spiderman 3 sinster six


Just imagine Solo: A Star Wars Story and groot at the end, having a stupid converstation making, Solo: A Star Wars Story angry :V


At least Solo: A Star Wars Story looks better than dead pool ߘ


Solo: A Star Wars Story looks great! So hype


it was time already :D


WE ARE Solo: A Star Wars Story!! >:)


Ah yes. Sim-BY-oat


WEARESolo: A Star Wars Story


So there are other Solo: A Star Wars Storys? Or were those failed test subjects


We will see only 5 minutes of symbiote Solo: A Star Wars Story everyone know that right?


Spider Man\nParticipará \n???




Lol and Tom hardys doppleganger has his own movie called upgrade where he's controlled by AI and not a symbiote


You know... my first reaction when I saw what Solo: A Star Wars Story looked like in this trailer was, “Fucking Hell Mate” but then I made myself like what he looked like after several 20-30 second rewinds. Looks promising but I doubt it will do super good in theaters, my guess is between 60-80 rotten tomatoes but I could be wrongߤߏ‍♂️


Looks goodߑ


1:34 “ehh idk” lmao hilarious


We Are #Solo: A Star Wars Story.


Tom Hardy is the main reason this movie is going to be a game changer for the mcu


Solo: A Star Wars Story has a really cool voice\n10/10!!!\nEdit: thanks for these many likes... I wasn't expecting it, it made my day.


Ya lo quiero ver con el hombre araña :'3


\"Do we have a deal?\" Symbiote.


Stop it with the \"We are Hero name \" already lmao


Well spider man will pissed..


Solo: A Star Wars Story can eat me out with his large tongue


Where’s carnage


Wow, this looks hilariously awful. Like someone saw the live action Spawn movie and though, “Let’s do that but with Solo: A Star Wars Story since Marvel is popular right now.”


Yeah, definitely need more anti-hero theme movies.


gone be a litߔ


Tom Hardy as another villain ߘ


Fap fap fap


I'm not feeling it, he doesn't feel like an antihero. Idk.


Directed by that guy who's never made a good movie but still gets work


2:20 IT v2.0


It’s great and all but I don’t like how that lady is pronouncing symbiote


But Solo: A Star Wars Story isn't an anti-hero...


y'all know that indian dude gonna be carnage


yes Yes YES


The best


sim-BY-ote LOL


Я кончил


No pasa nada :v


“so dark, are you sure your not from the DC universe?”


If Solo: A Star Wars Story is an anti hero then what does that make anti Solo: A Star Wars Story ߘ\nJust kidding though... ߘ


This reminds me of prototype

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    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

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