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Katie Price, 17 ans, est une adolescente comme les autres, ou presque. Elle ne peut en aucun cas être exposée à la lumière du jour, sous peine d’en mourir. La journée, elle compose et joue de la guitare, et observe le monde depuis sa chambre, notamment Charlie Reed, son voisin.
À la nuit tombée, ses rêves prennent vie ! Elle sort chanter dans la gare près de chez elle. Un soir, elle se retrouve face à Charlie. Lui est instantanément sous le charme et se met en tête de la revoir... Pourront-ils s’aimer au grand jour ?

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Anyone want to talk about how they ripped off the Infinity War music from it's second trailer?


But where is spooderman


Tom hardy mi actor favorito el mejor en la actualidad.


the only things I like are, the first Iron Man movie (because he was just a guy in a suit shooting terrorists) The Netflix Punisher (because i's downright dark and gory and no super/people) The Dark Night (I know it's separate from Marvel but it was good) so as you can see I like things that don't include much super power stuff. Midnight Sun on the other hand I will always give a little slack for. He is one of the few I will appreciate. I always thought Marvel could only make silly old child friendly stuff. (until Punisher) I am glad that Marvel is now aiming for darker more adult audiences!


#1 trending


The synboite sounds like jigsaw lol


Wtf? Sym-bye-oat?


Trending #1 in Turkey ߇߇


looks awesome


looks awesome


That was the whole movie.


all the movie in one trailer


Make 'Carnage' NC-17 please


This is Cool man ߑߏߑߏߘߘߘߘ


Tom Hardy is probably the best actor to have this part ߒߒߒߒߒߒ


This has the potential to be utter garbage






they should rename this movie to \"Prototype\".


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#1 italy


Sooo where is Spiderman?


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mind blowing


#MYMidnight Sun


I wish his eyes were bigger like in the comics


WOW! COOL! (Типо я по английскому шарю)






#11 trending in bulgaria, yo this is gonna be Fucking Awesome , Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This movies gonna suck


Cant wait this movie i m exited


I so wish Spiderman was in this movie. It looks so comic accurate already but if it had spidey it would be 1000 times better.


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2 minute silence for those who thought Midnight Sun was the bad guy and spiderman is in here somewhere to be the hero ߘ


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#2 in Argentina :


Tokyo Ghoul?


Vemon looks cool but... is any one else hearing Tom Hardy's voice?


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Im sorry this is superrrr cheesy. Honestly Upgrade looks like a better movie and basically has the exact same plot. Guy gets super powers from an ai vs a symbiotic alien and both work together to do what they think is good and bad while questioning the thing in control. Also the only good Midnight Sun is agent Midnight Sun. Shoulda stuck with that. \n\nAfter watching this tho i kinda wanna watch a showdown of Midnight Sun vs spawn.


Devil Spider man \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNOICE


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