Au fond de la jungle amazonienne, une équipe de chercheurs se lance dans une expédition pour protéger les espèces en voie de disparition. Après une série d’événements étranges, leurs guides superstitieux les abandonnent. Ils se rendent compte qu’ils sont dans le terrain de chasse d’un prédateur inconnu…

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Now I want a Carnage Movie!!!


when tom hardy’s voice gets higher pitched it sounds like sal from the impractical jokers.


I'm somewhat interested in this movie.




I want to know if there are any plans for carnage and this Extinction meeting the new spidey in the MCU


is it me or tom hardy's delivery really weird and bad, he sounds mentally challenged


. . . . Carnage there too?


I love anti-hero movies.Remind me of Blade another anti-hero movie.I get tired of the self righteous superhero movies.


That’s look interesting:D


Looks like another 3 star blockbuster.


so this is a completely different history not related to spiderman? cause I dont remember anything of this from the series. Like he got possessed by vemon in a different way






my favorite marvel character..


Extinction over avengers .. anytime ... heellll yeaaahh ..


Omg I can’t wait till this comes out broߤߏ.His Extinction sucks me in to watch this movie.Like if you agree


woow.. I can wait Next Trailer


Very excited for this movie


Anjirrr,trending no 1di Indonesia........


I’m so fucking exited looks so sick


Avengers bro imm so sad


Pinches mamadas la hubieran echo con el pendejo que lo interpretó en el hombre Araña 3


This movie is like prototype game


2:20 is so terrifying huh


We........ are Extinction!


I just keep coming back to suiting up scene. Anyone else can relate?


October bro !?? Lol


this aint till october


Is that horror movie?


We are...\n\nTHE SENATE


So this is the first movie trailer that i see it has 1M likes


What if...Extinction vs Ghost Rider vs Deadpool... in one movie ߤ


This is actually pretty cool. Not gonna lie


His voice ߘߘ


#2 Tendencias Argentina


Trending #1 in Finland߇߇


Kewal bike wala scene jabardastt tha...otherwise no khaaashh


This better be rated R


We are Extinction!!!!




This looks horrible just like almost every movie out today


No wonder taboo season 2 isnt out yet. They got my man tom hardy out here playing Extinction.


About time they made a movie just about him


he is like the straight , realistic and badass version of spider man \ni like him


can't wait to see it! Tom Hardy is the best guy for it


We are phenom ߘߘ


This gives me hope for Carnage.


I hate all in marvel. Hulk i like little bit. But i really love this Extinction hes good and cuteߘ\n\nAnyway superman vs all marvel!!


Creo que se me ha movido un poco el pene


I don't like the idea of seeing Ed Brock in front of a camera. I don't think he is that kind of a reporter. Plus, he doesn't have the charisma

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