Deadpool 2

L’insolent mercenaire de Marvel remet le masque !
Plus grand, plus-mieux, et occasionnellement les fesses à l’air, il devra affronter un Super-Soldat dressé pour tuer, repenser l’amitié, la famille, et ce que signifie l’héroïsme – tout en bottant cinquante nuances de culs, car comme chacun sait, pour faire le Bien, il faut parfois se salir les doigts.

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Ne zmn gelio


thanos vs Deadpool 2 !!!


Looks more like a movie of the game Prototype.


Yesssss now that's it's better then the spider man 3 Deadpool 2


Imagine Deadpool 2 going down on you.


I gotta admit, they definitely got Deadpool 2's look right.




Spiderman 7


Is spiderman or any marvel stuff gonna be mentioned?


I bet they showed the whole movie just in the trailer ߘ


What does he mean by WE?


We I'm Deadpool 2


we are Deadpool 2!




Is this thing is the villain of Spiderman 3?..same thing..


I felt my jaw hit the floor.


Rated R sorry kids ߘ




Deadpool 2 will soon rise


oh wow


It looks ok but it doens't give me the hype like that it did with Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Mucha acción y poco Deadpool 2 >:v


Disappointing.....2007's Deadpool 2 was 488973238999433 times better than this


I REALLY don’t want this to suck. Deadpool 2 was always my favorite marvel villain!


hi sony. Please make prototype a movie


This is dark as DC universe


This movie seems a bit overrated.


So much nerds are getting triggered because how bad it looks I will like to see them do better


WE Deadpool 2 !!!


Ladies and Gentleman \nThe villain of Spiderman Homecoming 2


I don’t know what to say but Deadpool 2 himself looks amazing






Riz Ahmed is a bad cast for Carlton drake... He is no where near the appearance and the charisma of the real Carlton Drake. Terrible casting.


where is spider man ?ߘߘ


Where is Spider-Man ?


Sorry to say but no association to Spider-Man? Why Sony??


Finally the legend is back


Tom hardy is lit ߔ in this movie.


Where is spiderman though


I can defeat Deadpool 2


ooo how sexy


I'm like really excited but I'm scared it might be a let down. C'mon Sony make Deadpool 2 how he should be ߘ


Spider-Man 3 Deadpool 2 looks better


Tom vs this Deadpool 2 pls.


Meglio Spiderman


sana bi spiderman lazım baba


I'm excited to see the movie, but I'm worried how it'll be if Spidy isn't involved. It would have been cool if Spider-Man was actually the villain of this film. Spider-man has just always been such a huge part of how Deadpool 2 ends up being.


now where's spiderman ^


This is a straight to DVD film right? \nI know they can't be serious

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    Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2

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