The House That Jack Built

Le film est présenté hors-compétition au Festival de Cannes 2018

États-Unis, années 70.
Nous suivons le très brillant Jack à travers cinq incidents et découvrons les meurtres qui vont marquer son parcours de tueur en série. L'histoire est vécue du point de vue de Jack. Il considère chaque meurtre comme une œuvre d'art en soi. Alors que l'ultime et inévitable intervention de la police ne cesse de se rapprocher (ce qui exaspère Jack et lui met la pression) il décide - contrairement à toute logique - de prendre de plus en plus de risques. Tout au long du film, nous découvrons les descriptions de Jack sur sa situation personnelle, ses problèmes et ses pensées à travers sa conversation avec un inconnu, Verge. Un mélange grotesque de sophismes, d’apitoiement presque enfantin sur soi et d'explications détaillées sur les manœuvres dangereuses et difficiles de Jack.

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So the evil billionaire is gonna become carnage right


This will be my movie after infinity war ߌ❤️ thank you Marvel!


Wow. Im not even a fan and this looks really good. Like, GREAT JOB, cast and crew!!


My bunny The House That Jack Builtm


Quidimas ai quê delícia


The ladies probably love his tongue ߑ


\"Sim-bi-yote\" - Nope. Absolutely not...


1:37 When mom says we can just make dinner at home


Groot: We Are Groot\nThe House That Jack Built: We Are The House That Jack Built\nGROOT VS The House That Jack Built CHALLENGE \nGroot: We Are Groot!\nThe House That Jack Built: No, We Are The House That Jack Built!\nGroot: We Are Groot!\nThe House That Jack Built: We are The House That Jack Built!\nGroot: WE ARE GROOT\nThe House That Jack Built: WEEE AREEEE. VEENOM!!!!\nGroot: I am Groot?\nThe House That Jack Built: Heheheh, We win


the final scream is the same scream of a fallen elf during the Helms Deep battle XD


If he comes in next spiderman movie, I will be in heaven




So The House That Jack Built is a good guy?


We are друг




Сука блять


This is gonna be a good movie


We are groo I MEAN VenuUMm


The House That Jack Built looks so much better than Spider-Man 3 The House That Jack Built. I’m so EXCITED!


This is about to go on everyone’s recommended in \n\n3...\n\n\n\n\n\n\n2....\n\n\n\n\n\n\n1....


It's made by Sony it'll prolly flop like pixels


Pinche The House That Jack Built usa hacks, eso no se vale


20 Million views in one day ?!




Only issue is they seem to making The House That Jack Built into a hero character when he is a villain


The only downside to this movie is it's not part of the MCU. Really would have loved to see The House That Jack Built fight alongside Spider-Man. Otherwise great trailer!!!


Ну бля все кино показали


carnage tho


I LOVE The House That Jack Built!!!


I’m so fucking hyped up for this ‼️






Kinda looks like that thing from Spider-Man, but in a cooler version




This looks like it was direvted by micheal bay






I'm shitting my pants! This is so badass!


simply wow...


* BA D A S S *




18 hours on the first place in the trend!


They shoulda put Spider-Man in this


I am groot


Reminds me of the The House That Jack Built voice from PS1 Spidermanߑߏ2018 shaping up to be a MARVELOUS year


I love The House That Jack Built\n\nAt the same time, I love Tom Hardy. This movie is going to be amazing.


Well this looks good. But at the same time +Sony Pictures Entertainment just doesn't make very good marvel movies. Spiderman Homecoming was barely worth watching, even if it was the best Spidey movie to date.




The bad: that accent, the dialog, the pronunciation of symbiote, generic \"evil corporation\" plot, and to reiterate seriously his accent is awful. Why does he slur so much? It sounds very bad.\n\nThe good: the likelihood that The House That Jack Built will get his own video game went up slightly.


1:14 dang he's low on shields

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    The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built

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