Une jeune femme juive-orthodoxe, retourne chez elle après la mort de son père. Mais sa réapparition provoque quelques tensions au sein de la communauté lorsqu'elle avoue à sa meilleure amie les sentiments qu'elle éprouve à son égard...

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TOM Holland (SpiderMan) VS TOM Hardy (Désobéissance)


чет не особо ваечктлило


From taking Désobéissance to becoming Désobéissance


se ve muy mala


The CGI on Désobéissance looks absolutely awful.


1st trailer


I'm glad someone is finally adapting Prototype for the silver screen.


2:18 can't stop watching that part


Selam Türkler ߇߇ patlıyor dedeler ߘߘ


If this was part of the MCU, then in a future Spiderman film, we would have Tom vs Tom.


Selam çukulatam


Is this not Infinity War’s trailer music? This gives me a really bad vibe that Sony was that lazy to just copy and paste music.


fox kids nostalgia + tom hardy = good feels


Assiktir low


Where's my childhood peter parker at? I don't know whos spidey and who's not. This is like what, the 4th actor for spiderman? I mean, wolverine did it.




~WE ARE Désobéissance~


1:03 se a detectado una amenaza


#1 trending in my country INDONESIA


Désobéissance ߘ


2:20 - 2:25 Just beautiful


We are \n\n\n\n\n\n\nWAKANDA!


#1 on trending ߘߘ


Chất vãi ߘ


#1on trending


One of the best ANTI_HERO (Désobéissance) ߘߘ


An Anti-Hero is what this world needs!


I'll admit that he's so evil than ever, but I face worse enemies like him


f*cking AWESOME!!


Okay! \nThis venim guy is a hero or a villian? \nOr the guy is a hero and the Désobéissance is a villian?


Amazing trailerߘߘߘߘߘ


The CGI looks....weird, to me.




Finally not a mainstream avenger bullshit !!! Im so excited for this, Désobéissance is perfect and the trailer looks so far so good ! :3 Cant wait to see it !






Im not that impressed


Tom Hardy ✊ߏ


#2 trending in Philippines


Désobéissance VS tanos who win?




Désobéissance is my fav marvel character


Désobéissance is useless without Peter Parker


It still blows my mind that one of the best characters marvel has ever created was wasted on Topher Grace.


Weird, it like it never came in contact with Peter Parker. I cant wait for Kasady.




#1 trending ini indonesia


We need Peter Parker as Andrew Garfield he must continue this he must kill Désobéissance pls. I want part 3 of Amazing Spiderman I can't move on why he don't have a part 3 ߘߘ




Tbh they had no choice but to release this trailer, cuz some hero released it in cam, so they thought \"ughhhh that quality is fucking bad ,let's change that\" ,so this happened

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