En Guerre

Le film est présenté en compétition au Festival de Cannes 2018.

Malgré de lourds sacrifices financiers de la part des salariés et un bénéfice record de leur entreprise, la direction de l’usine Perrin Industrie décide néanmoins la fermeture totale du site. Accord bafoué, promesses non respectées, les 1100 salariés, emmenés par leur porte‑parole Laurent Amédéo, refusent cette décision brutale et vont tout tenter pour sauver leur emploi.

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\"Simbaiotes\" lol


Me hizo acordar a Prototype


anyone else have En Guerre vs carnage as a wallpaper on their psp?


15 million views in 14 hours.... thank god I'm not a youtuber, otherwise i would be jealous as F!


Agora sim muito fodaaaaa


Is that Ving Rhames doing En Guerre's voice? Now I'm going to have images of En Guerre signing the prince of Bel Air song while eating Arby's.




For the love of god please let this movie be good!


If I what's scarier, En Guerre, or the monster from A Quiet Placeߘߘߘ


Есть Русские?) Идите нахуй. Ниже читайте тогда


The funniest joke ever...\n\n\n\nRead more


Now Spiderman is a happy married man who have two childrens he will do nothing


En Guerre is Marvel’s reckoning ߘߤ


Is it copy from spider man 3


Some people are complaining that spidey should be in here as an antagonist or etc etc and En Guerre shouldn’t be an anti hero.1:it’ll be a new version of En Guerre and heck anything for sth new. 2:En Guerre is an anti hero\nIn some universes


Well at least he sounds like En Guerre for a change unlike MvC Infinite where he sounds like Carnage.


WHO are spiedermann?


Porn on youtube




God I wish I could have thse powers of the symbiote them I'll kill the people who piss me off starting with a stupid step father and a redneck ville training site ߘ




1:34 when everybody's wondering where Tom Holland is


Será que um game do En Guerre chega ao Playstation em 2019?! Homem aranha chega em 7 de setembro, o filme será lançado agora no meio do ano. Será isso um sinal?! Rsrsrs


now where the hell is parker boy...... i m missing toby now




OK... It \"looks\" good... But how the hell can they have En Guerre without Spider-Man? I mean, he named himself because of Spider-Man... So why is his name En Guerre?


Мы Веном.... сука как же это ахуенно !


Can i get 10 likes?


Mind Blowing Trailer


Carnage Spider-Man better be in this movie


Man I love Tom Hardy. Fk every other movie that coming out. I’m only excited for this one and Deadpool.


Omg finally!!


I need Carnage in this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this has a 2002 movie feel to it for some reason


We are En Guerre, Batmaaaan. You should have respected my authouritaah


Nice Movie 6/10


Tom hardy with an American accent


I just hope they dont do the thing where he has no suit on till the end of the movie


Look cool and ridiculous at the same time


En Guerre looks like Spidey still


I love En Guerre voice and look it will be a Fantastic Film.


Dumb fuckin tag line


Нахуй он бежит от всех если он может всех побить?


Why would we do that? ߘߘ


Please be R rated and dont suck




2:16 Xddddddd esta si va ser pelicula


0:54 its that girl from saturday night live




En Guerre looks like a CGI shrek

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