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Quatre amies de toujours se retrouvent, comme chaque semaine, au sein de leur club de lecture, lorsque l’une d’entre elles propose de découvrir ‘’50 nuances de Grey’’ ! Elles ont réussi leur vie et elles comptent bien continuer à en profiter, et vivre de nouvelles expériences ! Célibataire depuis peu, Diane va connaître le coup de foudre. La toujours séduisante Vivian retrouve un amour passé. Sharon découvre les sites de rencontre sur internet. Et Carol essaie de redonner du piment à son couple. En ravivant la flamme ou en vivant une nouvelle aventure amoureuse, chacune d’elles va écrire le nouveau chapitre de sa vie. Peut-être le meilleur…

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I found a reason to live (was not expecting that many likes thanks)


Dude. . .


The fucking voice is amazin




Goes from not showing enough in the trailer, to showing too much. ߤ‍♂️ߤ‍♂️


Tom Hardy has to be a marvle superhero


Idk how to feel about this....


Random cronie: What the hell are you?\nLe Book Club: I'm the wolveri-\n\nWhoops wrong movie


Can Tom Hardy do any wrong? This was already a must-see for me but now it's official. Loved this trailer, can't wait for the movie.


Symbiote dropped harder than Hillary's supporters


Why is she mispronounce symbiot


I can’t stop watching 2:20 over and over. “ We are Le Book Club “and then the symbiote comes over his face it’s really great. Le Book Club looks good


Sym bi oat.... Wtf? And joy, no reason to go full on Le Book Club when he can fight in street clothes. They did it with the spidermans... Made sure his maskngot blown off so wed see his facial expressions. Even when they attempt to change that with the mask whose eyes change in homecoming, they still found a way to get his mask torn up so we could see his face. Its fucking dumb. Stop. Power rangers did it too. Don't wear anything on your head if you're just going to take it off in 2 seconds.


Oh, god ! I sweated.


Love Le Book Club voice.


This sucks why isn't mcu doing this?


I just watched the whole movie and it suuuuuuuucks


looks pretty good


Hubieran dicho desde el comienzo que sería una película de Eddie y no de Le Book Club


Le Book Club looks sick


Wtf do you mean 'anti-hero'? Le Book Club isnt an anti-hero.. he is a fcuking villain. That guy is evil AF!


But....Le Book Club isn't a anti-hero


Le Book Club, lethal protector?\n\nI love Le Book Club but that makes no sense, might as well make a movie about Hydra and Red Skull saving the world. Also props to Sony for giving up the one character that's essential to Le Book Club's story while keeping Le Book Club out of the MCU, pure brilliance.


ok, is it just me or the music (0:26) sounds a bit like the one marvel studios used on 2nd infinity war trailer??? ߤߤߤ


Is this the movie that would kill The Le Book Club franchise?


Sym-bi-ote my lord, sym-bi-ote


Done gone and fucked it up lmao


When sacas el trailer de Le Book Club justo el día que es la premier de infinity war.\n\n- A eso se le llama estrategia.jpg


this look generic


1:05 Sym-bi-ote...\nWtf man? I don’t like the way she pronounce it.




I never thought it was possible to watch a whole movie in less than three minutes… Then I watched this.




\"We.... are Le Book Club\" This is gonna be a good movie. I have a feeling\nBtw this Le Book Club is pretty creepy no lie


the new Prototype 3 trailer looks cool


Brings back nostalgia


Best video so far


the black spiderman is here


WE ARE Le Book Club !!!!!!!!!!!!!!ߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘ


Oh boy


Hm... I don't know how I feel about this and they are using the infinity war theme? WTH! TBH... this looks cheap but I mean Deadpool 1 had a tight budget and it was good but let's see, right now I don't feel good about this!


V. E. N. O. M


Cool trailer, I hope they delve into the fact that the symbiote only becomes evil if the host itself is evil.




#notmyLe Book Club


1:14 Probably how Eddie gets infected by Le Book Club.


Le Book Club


I want this 2 b good sooo bad


Dc should be extremely afraid


Foda pra caralho ߘ

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