Monsieur Je-sais-tout

Vincent Barteau, 35 ans, entraîneur de foot d'1,92 m, voit débouler dans son quotidien de célibataire invétéré, son neveu, Léo, 13 ans, 1,53 m autiste Asperger et joueur d'échecs émérite. Cette rencontre aussi singulière qu'explosive va bouleverser l'existence de Vincent et offrir à Léonard la chance de sa vie.

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Monsieur Je-sais-tout: The Symbiote rises. \nMonsieur Je-sais-tout: Fury City.\nMonsieur Je-sais-tout: The Last Symbiote.\nMonsieur Je-sais-tout Nemesis\nThe Reckoning of Monsieur Je-sais-tout\nMonsieur Je-sais-tout Road\nMonsieur Je-sais-tout: Band of Symbiotes\nMonsieur Je-sais-tout: The Lethal Protector \nMonsieur Je-sais-tout: The Long Red Carnage \n(Check the Tom Hardy wiki page to get this.)


We are Monsieur Je-sais-tout.


Hell its about time ...i was waiting since spiderman 3 . Monsieur part of the whole movie


Who else keeps replaying the part where the Monsieur Je-sais-tout skin and teeth completely covers his face just cause it looks so freakin awesome????


Cartaz no final, vai ser ruim




Everyone thinks this will be great movie. Knowing Sony, it’ll be trash


This doesn't even feel like a marvel movie to me because it feels like a sifi film


Watched the Monsieur Je-sais-tout trailer and got chills


Now that guy is having a bad day...


Hoo boy


#1 in Poland


Time for 28 year olds to get excited like 14 year old kids again..


Epic transfornation, I'll say. @2:18


God, everyone in marvel is getting a movie.


This is Sony, the bomb factory. I hope Monsieur Je-sais-tout saves sony


They should make him fight Spider-Man like in the comics




Can't wait for this movie to drop. It's day after my bb-day. Love me some Monsieur Je-sais-tout!!!!!


OMG 35 MILLION VIEWERS and 1 MILLION LIKES in this day.. #1 in indonesian..ߑߑߑ


Where is Spider-Man


Hope it's not ruined by pc culture


the darkness the movie confirmed????!??!!!!






......finally a Monsieur Je-sais-tout movieߑߒߒߒߒ


I mean, I like the look of the movie, but the dialogue seems a bit odd.


WE ARE Monsieur Je-sais-tout!


Break views deadpool nd infintywar Monsieur Je-sais-tout baadas


Looks Lit guys!


Que merda. Achei muito simples pra um personagem tão amplo quanto o Monsieur Je-sais-tout. Se fosse pra julgar pelo trailer, eu nem iria ver o filme.


Muhteşem amk


1:03 anyone else know the orange/yellow streaks in the symbiote?


Tom Holland?


Ooff, that costume is terrifying. Well done.


Who TF disliked it


I think they pronounced symbiote wrong


Idk if it's just me, but I can't take these kind of movies seriously I always have to laugh at Hollywoods \"ideas\" or I am always thinking about how the grafic designers made this and that and can't concentrate on the film\nSomething a 12 year old child would watch but not really a good movie (just my opinion)


Does someone else just keep repeating the We are Monsieur Je-sais-tout Part?


Thanos clicked his finger...




I can’t wait


That looks fucking gooood.


I cannot wait to see that. I love Marvel!


Monsieur Je-sais-tout EXTREME :D


I thought a Monsieur Je-sais-tout movie without Spiderman and the suit would be a bad idea.\nThis looks really good.


That looks so fucking good. OMG


Подписывайтесь на меня пж взаимно


Okay...but why?


La re cagaron Monsieur Je-sais-tout es de spider man no de cualquier trailer esta pelicula no tiene nada que ver seguro es alta poronga

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