I often myself amazed at how well-built our body is. If our body detects something weird is going on, it has its own unique way of telling us that something is amiss. Take sweating for example. Sweating is a normal mechanism that allows our body to cool down, but if you suddenly break out into a sweat even though it’s not hot, it may mean that our body is signaling us about abnormal metabolism, cancer or even an impending heart attack.

Since our skin is the biggest organ in the body, our body often uses it to express some underlying health conditions that we might not know of. So if you happen to have healthy silky smooth skin, is it a sign that you have great health and vice versa?

The simple short answer to that question is yes but before we go into a more complicated explanation, let me first tell you what a healthy skin is.

I know that most of you have your own idea of a healthy skin. It may be a creamy looking skin with pink flush with no freckles or whatsoever but a healthy skin is mostly defined to have even color, is firm and smooth and is hydrated.

So does that mean that if you have freckles, moles and dark spots in your skin you’re not healthy? How about having flaky and dry skin?

Well, not really.

Some people are born with moles and freckles dotting their bodies while some have dark spots caused by various environmental factors such as staying under the sun for too long. Freckles and dark spots are mostly harmless but if you’re bothered by them, you can visit http://www.yourbestskinadvisor.com/how-to-get-rid-of-dark-spots for tips on how to get rid of dark spots on your skin. Moles, on the other hand, can signal the presence of skin cancer, namely melanoma. If you have irregular asymmetrically shaped moles on your body then have your doctor check them.

Like with moles and dark spots, a flaky dry skin is not an immediate indication that you are unhealthy. It may mean that the weather is too cold and that you forgot to apply your moisturizer. On the other hand, if you’re favorite moisturizer is not doing its magic, this may mean that you have a chronic inflammatory condition like eczema or it’s a side effect of other diseases like hay fever. It can also mean that you should try drinking more water and keep yourself hydrated.  

So the bottom line is, a healthy skin is a great indication of the overall good health of your body. If your skin is well hydrated, smooth and firm with a healthy glow, it’s most likely that you have a healthy and fit body and that your organs are working properly.  But you should always remember to consider various factors before freaking out if you find some weird bumps on your skin. It may just be that you got in contact with an itchy powder and those bumps will fade away soon.

Just remember to always keep your whole body healthy, not just your skin and calmly analyze the signs that your body is telling you before doing anything rash.

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