Early Career Researcher Manuscript Competition

The Early Career Researcher Initiative (ECR) of the Human Proteome Organization is pleased to announce the inaugural ECR Manuscript Competition to be held at the HUPO 14th Annual World Congress (HUPO 2015) in Vancouver, Canada, September 27-30, 2015. Three awards (first place, $500 and two runner-ups, $100) will be presented to the best original manuscripts in any field of proteomics. Application deadline is June 1, 2015.

Eligibility: Competition is open to post-doctoral fellows (Ph.D. awarded post Jan 2010), junior faculty members (appointment post Jan 2012) and young clinicians (MD awarded post Jan 2009). Career disruption will be taken into consideration with appropriate justification. Career status must be documented by curriculum vitae and by confirmation letter of the senior author on the manuscript (or alternatively by the mentor or head of department). Applicants must be HUPO members.

Manuscript Criteria: The applicant must have significantly contributed to the manuscript. Contribution to the manuscript must be stated and discussed by a confirmation letter from the senior author on the same manuscript. Manuscript must be original research and not published at the time of submission.

Selection Process: Manuscripts will be reviewed by an expert panel of ECR committee members and senior scientists. Selection criteria will be based on scientific quality and novelty of the manuscript, as well as career track record with respect to opportunity.

Three finalists will be selected and notified by August 1, 2015. The three finalists will be invited to give an oral presentation on the topic of their manuscript and an abstract of their manuscript will be included in the congress final program book. The three finalists must provide an abstract of their manuscript within five business days of receiving their notifications. The three finalists will be judged on their oral presentation and a first place winner ($500 prize) and two runner-ups ($100 each) will be named in the congress awards session. Complimentary congress registration and a certificate will accompany the cash prizes (registration fee will be refunded, if paid in advance.)

How to Apply: A complete application consists of the four documents below compiled into a single PDF in the order listed below. Final PDF not to exceed 5mb. Complete applications should be sent by the June 1, 2015 deadline to Jun Qu, ECR Committee member, junqu at buffalo.edu.

  1. This completed application form
  2. Single manuscript to be considered
    • The manuscript must be an original article and the author must have contributed significantly to the concept and with carrying out the experimentand or data analysis.
    • The manuscript may not be accepted for publication, provisionally or otherwise, at an academic journal prior to submission for this competition.
    • Manuscript must comply with format for research article of one the following journals: Journal of Proteome Research, Molecular and CellularProteomics, Proteomics (other peer reviewed journal formats are accepted but the journal must be specified)
    • Manuscript must be written in English
  3. Statement letter from the senior author of the submitted manuscript. Letter must state:
    • Contribution of the applicant to the manuscript
    • Originality of the manuscript
    • Career track record of the applicant (statement can also be from mentor or head of department)
    • Confirmation of career disruption and duration of disruption (statement can also be from mentor or head of department)
  4. Curriculum vitae